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Old Fashioned Parenting

June 10th, 2021

Modern day parenting faces some unique challenges especially in the age of T.V., computers and video games. It seems that meaningful interaction with children has waned more and more because technology has been allowed to occupy the time and minds of young children.

In my view, there is nothing wrong with the educational value of computers especially since our modern world requires computer knowledge for a vast of number of positions. But, it is also my view that we are missing something important as parents when we allow technology to replace the love and interaction that is necessary for mature growth, as well as the socialization skills necessary through human interaction.

There is much to be said for the good old fashioned family interaction from a host of games, or activities. One of these games is the old fashioned board game that allowed for child and parent to enjoy interacting through family competition where value is added by helping children understand how to accept winning without gloating and losing with grace

More physically active games also help our children build their bodies, and stamina. Physical activity enjoyed at an early age can also help children grow to appreciate the value of physical activity for life long health, and as an effective way to dissipate stressors that they will encounter throughout their life time. A simple game of ping pong, a game up baseball, a bike ride through the neighborhood or park, or a fast game of shooting hoops in the driveway all help to not only encourage physical activity but also develop strong parent child relationships that can serve well in later years when that child needs a friend more than a parent to talk with.

Our lives are hectic, fast paced, and all too involved with everything else except building strong child relationships, fostering bonds that last a life time, and simply demonstrating how much we value our children by giving of ourselves in small but consistent ways.

Far too many parents realize when it’s too late, that they should have spent more meaningful time with their children. Don’t be one of those parents who are visited by youth workers, or police officers wondering how things got so out of control and then trying to build relationships but finding obstacles are too prevalent.

Parenting is never an easy task and I think it is getting even more difficult what with so many other competing influences. But, there are still those old fashioned child rearing strategies that help build good values, open lines of communication, and a mature friend to speak with when life’s challenges seem to confusing.